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Chitbat.com has been created for helping the busy online shoppers. Our website helps the online shoppers find free of cost and super deals along with heavy discounts each day.

You will find amazing deals every day on our website. We will help you discover the deals you wish for, right when you need them.

For the clients overwhelmed by millions of offer on the internet each day, we offer a way of discovering the items which actually represent a good deal. Our experts guarantee that we would only have the products which are low priced.

Our promise

  • We list the lowest price each day as we find, sold by a well-reputed store. We would assure you that:

  • We will list only the best of deals, irrespective of what relationship we have with the sellers

  • We totally ban the stores which we find possesses a history of slow or poor customer support and service

  • We do not list high price from any other store only because it’s an advertiser

  • Our dedication to list just the best of deals is what lists us amongst the top most visited websites and read by millions of consumers looking for deals every month.

  • We carefully list the products on our website and thus you can be sure of finding only the good products with us. We totally discourage low-quality products and thus we thrive all our energies towards finding the products which are good in quality and reasonably priced.

  • Our team personally reviews more than 7000 online retailers as well as millions of sales each day for delivering thrilling deals across the internet. We have a team of expert editors who triple check every deal before they are posted on our website.

We will tell you ways of shopping smarter

Having a good amount of experience, we offer expert advice to our customers through different price trends, buying guides, in-depth Black-Friday coverage, consumer reviews and more. Our team puts it all in perspective so that you are able to make an informed choice.

We keep thinking of new ways of fulfilling our customers’ expectations. Our deals help in connecting the customers and the sellers in a way that fetches significant value for both of them.

We have a talented team of problem solvers, creative thinkers, innovators and alike who are passionate to transform the about in products.

We are totally committed to raise our bar for remaining at forefront of the local Ecommerce. With the ongoing improvements and experiments to the design of our website, mobile app, shopping experience and inventory, we have developed a huge marketplace for deals for delivering all things which our customers like as and when they want.

Our community

Chitbat.com is developing the daily habits in the local markets offering a wide range of mobile as well as online market place options. Here people would find as well as save on things which they like to see, buy and eat. By enabling the option of real-time shopping throughout the local businesses, consumer products, etc., the consumers can now find the top deals that their city is offering.

FREE & Super Deals @ Chibat.com Online Shopping Mall


How to search for FREE stuff on This website: > Move the 30% discount lever to 100% on the right on this page and click on the product category for details.

Other ways to find FREE products: Just type FREE in anyone of the search bars on this website or refresh the page several times!

Please Note: Not every day a product category will  have Free products, but you can try different categories also you have to check back every day for FREE products and better discounts because we are constantly updating as new discount sale becomes available.

All the products have reviews and a good description to help you arrive at an educated consumer decision.

Do you want to buy a specific product? There is a floating search bar on top of  this page, just type the name and brand and click search for best deal.

Have fun and happy shopping!

Warmest Regards, CEO. Fitzroy Augustus

♥Please note: Yes! We are affiliated with Amazon and will not do anything here to jeopardize our relationship with Amazon.com
We are only helping busy online shoppers find free of cost and super deals along with heavy discounts each day on Amazon.com 

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